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Hornworm Details

• Blue-greenish body of Hornworms makes reptiles very attracted to them.

• One of the highest-ranked live feeders for many pets.

• Easily digestible NO exoskeleton, NO chitin.

• Super hydration Feeder.

• Great for breaking a “hunger strike”.

Our Hornworms have a healthy nutritional content of 9% Protein, 3.07% Fat, 46.4mg/ 100g Calcium, and 85% Moisture. Since hornworms have no chitin or exoskeleton (the hard shell) they are easy to digest and there is no worry about impaction in your juvenile reptile pets. 



Our worms are always shipped small so that you can grow them to the size that you prefer. Large Hornworms do not ship well and will consume a large amount of food in transit thus, cutting back on the time you have to feed them off. Also, large Hornworms create a lot of feces which builds up during shipping and will kill the worms. Hornworms grow extremely fast so don't worry if they are small on arrival. Keep your worms at room temperatures for average growth, or to speed up their growth place them in warmer temperatures. 

Hornworms (24 ct Cup)

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