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Frozen ASF 

Frozen ASF (African Soft Fur) rats might be the solution to getting that picky ball python eating again. ASF are the native rodent to Africa and thus are a ball pythons natural food source. Referring to size, ASF are between mice and rats, they are a very lean, high protein, high calorie, low fat food source, making them the superior rodent feeder. Packing more calories and protein per gram then rats and mice! ASF are also great for getting breeders up to weight for the breeding season or helping them recover from breeding. If you want to get the most out of your feeder, ASF are the way to go!  If you are feeding a snake, we at RRR Feeders recommend feeding a prey item approximately 15% your snakes body weight. Reference this chart to help you select the proper sized feeder.  All RRR Feeders frozen products are vacuum sealed to ensure your snakes, amphibians, or birds of prey get a fresh and safe prey item every time!

(Live local pick-up only)

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