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Large Dubia Nymphs (1” - 1.25”)


$10 flat rate shipping to the 48 Continental US no matter the size of your order

roaches will be held at post office unless you leave a note saying otherwise please leave your phone number in notes for the post office to call when they arrive


Dubia Roaches are one of the best if not the best staple diets for your insectivore!


RRR Feeders dubia roaches are all raised in a clean enviroment (we clean all our roach bins once a month) they are feed "RRR Feeders Premium Roach Chow" this is a roach chow that was developed by herpetologist and animal nutritionist in a lab setting to insure the dubia not only get everything they need to thrive but also your reptile gets all the nutrients they need to be healthy and thrive. This roach chow is made with no fillers and no animal based protein, it’s 100% non-GMO and made in a FDA approved facility.. RRR Feeders dubias are feed fresh fruits and veggies (no citrus) every other day to insure they have a well balanced diet! we at RRR Feeders take nutrition very seriously as we know what our feeders eat your pet eats!


Benifits of dubias:


1) Dubias are very high in protein and all nutrients


2) Dubias are low in chitin (chitin is undigestible and can cause impaction of your reptile if it consumes too much chitin, other feeder insects like crickets and meal worms that are high in chitin)


3) Dubias have a great calcium to phosphorus ratio (again unlike crickets who provide little to no calcium to your pet)


4) Dubias rarly have parasites even in the wild let alone in a controlled enviroment (again unlike crickets that are plegued with parasites that can infect your pet)


5) Dubias dont smell or make much noise other then walking (yet again unlike crickets thet stink and make all kinds of noise)


6) Dubias can not infect your home they require mid 80's to breed most of us do not keep our house at 85 all year around. (again unlike crickets)


7) Dubias cant fly or climb smooth serfices, this makes them easy to house while waiting too fed them off but also easy to feed as you can put them in a shallow feeding dish and they cant escape it getting lose in your pets enclosure (must we point it out agin....... unlike crickets!!)


If you cant tell we hate crickets as feeders we dont breed crickets and dont recomend them.


all roaches are not individully counted but rather weighed with 10% overage (your exact count may very slightly) we do this for a few reasons one just like a paying for meat at the supermarket you pay by the weight. We belive its more important to know your reptile got the correct amout of food (belly is full from the total amount of food weight in it) rather then just saying it got X amount of insects. Second its just impractical for us to count out 100,000's of roaches into cups.


100% live guarantee if held at post office if you choose to have them dilivered to your door leave a note but we will no longer guarantee live delivery.

Large Dubia

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