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Adult Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches male or female 


live roaches will be held at the post office please supply your phone number so you can be called when the order arrives at your post office 


Hissing Roaches live 18-24 months this is for an adult animal exact size and age will very leave a note if you would prefer a smaller (younger) or larger (older) animal. 


Hissing roaches make great home or classroom pets they are slow moving, really hardy (can be dropped on hard floor) they are easy to care for, cannot infest a home or building (fun fact there are over 4.600 species of cockroaches in the world and only 30 species are pests to humans, and these are not one) all roach species are actully very clean and Disease free. 


Feeding: all our roaches feed on "RRR Feeders Premium Roach Chow" they have access to it at all times as well as water holding crystals, every few days they get fresh fruits and veggies. we recommend you feed them in the same fashion. 


Cagging: they can climb smooth surfaces so you will need a tight fitting lid or a roach barrer gel. They need a heat sorce we do an under the tank heater set to 88 degrees fahrenheit.


Sexing: males will be slightly smaller then females but the most notable way is by the "horns" on the top of the males head will be much larger then that of the females.  (see images) 



Adult Madagascar Hissing Roach

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