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"RRR Feeders we are not the biggest, Just the BEST!"

(our new slogan) 


"Going Back Online" 

     We are currently in the process of expanding our frozen rodent breeding as quickly as possible to meet your feeder needs. This requires us to hold back 50% of our females and 10% of are males leaving less product available to you, our valued customers. Demand was far greater than we anticipated when we first launched this website and thus we ran out of product we had in back stock very quickly and could not produce enough to meet demand. This in turn caused us to put online inventories to zero for the months April - June as we focused on moving into a bigger facility and incressing production.  We are "going back online" July 6th and will have all frozen rodents back in stock, as well as some new products (frozen rabbits, isopods) we anticipate selling out weekly for quite some time, but with every passing week our production will increese and thus more product will be available to you every week. 

We thank you for your support and are deeply sorry for any inconvenience to you our customers over the last few months and as we continiue go through this process.

Larry Welch II and Larry Welch III co owners of RRR Feeders    

Got Dubia?

while we are underproducing frozen rodents, our dubia are over producing so we have lowered all dubia prices to be one of the cheepest dubia prices online.  


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